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Champ:Human Image Animation

Published: at 10:04 PM


Champ stands at the forefront of human image animation technology, offering a revolutionary methodology that leverages a 3D human parametric model within a latent diffusion framework. This innovative approach enhances shape alignment and motion guidance, setting new standards in human generative techniques.


Champ’s methodology revolves around the utilization of the SMPL (Simple Person Model) as the 3D human parametric model. This model serves as a unified representation of body shape and pose, enabling precise capture of intricate human geometry and motion characteristics from source videos.

Key components of Champ’s methodology include:

SMPL Integration: Incorporating rendered depth images, normal maps, and semantic maps from SMPL sequences, alongside skeleton-based motion guidance, enriches the latent diffusion model with comprehensive 3D shape and detailed pose attributes.

Multi-layer Motion Fusion Module: Employing self-attention mechanisms, this module facilitates the fusion of shape and motion latent representations in the spatial domain.

Parametric Shape Alignment: Representing the 3D human parametric model as motion guidance allows for precise shape alignment of the human body between the reference image and the source video motion.


Experimental evaluations on benchmark datasets showcase Champ’s remarkable ability to generate high-quality human animations that accurately capture both pose and shape variations. Moreover, Champ exhibits superior generalization capabilities on diverse datasets, including the proposed wild dataset.


Champ represents a significant advancement in human image animation technology. Its controllable and consistent approach, coupled with 3D parametric guidance, opens new avenues for creating lifelike human animations with unprecedented realism and accuracy. As a testament to our commitment to advancing the field, we will release the code and models associated with Champ for further research and exploration.

With Champ, the future of human image animation is within reach.